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Review: Sophie Monk Whitening Mask



The packaging and color caught my attention. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the packaging! It's sooo cute!


I bought this mask in Watson for RM17.91.
1 box = 5 masks



The texture of the liquid is watery.
It likes to drip to my neck. 


Promote a youthful complexion by using Sophie Monk organics masks to hydrate, purify and exfoliate your skin without resorting to harsh chemicals or synthetics.
  • Brightening
  • Moisturizing

Suitable for all skin types.
24 ml.

My opinion;
The mask in the picture is actually my last mask. Huhu. And.. I'm wearing it right now Btw, I see a difference about my skin. My skin is a lot better now. It helps to brighten my skin. Just a bit.  And also it's not dry anymore. I think the price is affordable. Repurchase? YES. OMG. YES. 

My ratings;

Effectiveness; /5
Packaging; /5
Price; /5