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Review: Earl Grey Tea and Macaron Sheet Mask

My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask illuminates and clarifies the face in 20 minutes. The combination of black tea ferment and bergamot essential oil gives a miraculously brightening effect. It brightens dull and yellowish skin tone, leaving skin briskly clear, fair and flawless. Sweet almond protein and sugar cane extract are mixed to leave skin glittering and translucent, smooth and delicate. The fruit extracts of rosa canina, blueberry and acerola leave skin fair and perfectly clear, enhancing the skin’s translucency and ability to defend. It's suitable for normal skin and is recommended for dull skin without lustre.

I'm in loveee with the packaging! Just look at the font! The ribbon! The the mug and the colorful macarons! Haha.

I bought this mask at Aeon in Alma for RM10.00 in a box of 10. The price is reasonable and affordable I think I want to buy more next time! But a different kind. I want to test more masks and make more reviews!
The sheet mask is thin and it can easily be torn. And the texture of the liquid is alright. Not to thick, and not to watery.
 It's my bro again. Muehehe. He's the model. And he's shirtless --' And yeah, he's chubby
Please IGNORE this pic xD
My tips;
This is my tip. Put the mask in the refrigerator for about 5-10 minutes for cool effect.
My opinion;
I love everything about this mask except for the thin sheet. But, it's okay And I also love the scent of this mask. My skin felt moisturized, soft and I could see some instant brightening effect after wearing this mask. Repurchased? Yes x1000000000
My ratings;
Effectiveness; /5
Packaging; /5
Price; /5