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Review: Rolanjona Silk Mask Whitening & Firming

The packaging is..... boring, isn't it? Haha.

I bought this mask at Diy in Aeon Alma.
The price is RM3.50. It's quite expensive for me

The texture of the liquid is too watery. It likes to drip! Ergh. And the texture of the sheet is THIN. My lil brother hates it xD

My lil brother's opinion;
My lil brother wore it. And he said "It doesn't have any effect. My face feels the same. But it's cold though." And yeahhh. My favorite face mask so far is MY BEAUTY DIARY EARL GREY TEA AND MACARON SHEET MASK. I luvvv it. Try it guyss :D

My lil brother's ratings;
Effectiveness; /5
Packaging; /5
Price; /5

"Sorry for not showing the face mask. The goo/liquid/serum -_- is toooooooo watery! Sorry guys."